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Kontaminate-"Blood Hunger" Demo

Image of Kontaminate-"Blood Hunger" Demo


With the Blood Hunger Demo, Richmond's own KONTAMINATE creates a soundtrack to mirror the mood of the present with their initial eight minute offering. Five ferocious tracks that speed with the rhythm and intensity that are just barely in control, Kontaminate takes you on a wild ride for your life. With members from Jackal, Nosebleed, and Deviant, Kontaminate operates within a similar sonic sphere; albeit with a d-beat flare mixed with nods to first wave USHC. For the finale of the tape, Konaminate covers Crime for Revenge by Ultra-Violent, a fitting and true-to-form rendition delivered with an intensity that only Kontaminate could bring. Although Blood Hunger is clearly only a small introduction, it’s representative of Kontaminate’s distinctive approach to contemporary hardcore punk: Angry and direct, with no distracting bells or whistles.

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