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Kassandra Shirt PREORDER


Shirt inspired upon learning about the death of legendary Kassandra Ebony a vogueing goddess. While 11PM at face value has nothing to do with vogueing, 11PM is dedicated to all things hardcore, and voguing is the most hardcore of all expressions.

Image on shirt is taken from a still of a battle between Leiomy and Kassandra ( This is my all-time favorite vogue battle, personally speaking. As accurately stated by a lipstick alley poster "Many people live for Leiomy, but I lived for Kassandra."

Profits of this shirt will be donated to Peters Place and a trans woman in need who is part of the 11PM family. Peters Place is a queer based recovery house for LGBTQIA and BIPOC peoples located in Richmond, Virginia.

Shirt modeled by Hunter Moore and photographed by Jesse Feinman.

This shirt is made to order. Preorders will end next week and all orders will ship out two weeks after. Printed on Gildan Ultra Cotton with full color direct-to-garment print.

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