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Ivy Creep-Demo 24

Image of Ivy Creep-Demo 24


Truly Richmond super group with members of Deviant, Haircut, Animal Planet, Fried Egg, Memory Loss, Itch, Richmond Vampire, Bitchmouth and countless others. If you have lived in Rchmond for more than two weeks you have seen a band that these people played in. While I do not live there anymore I am Richmond to the fucking bone and these people are the fabric of what 11PM is about or something idk. But in all seriousness this is the optimus prime of Richmond Hardcore Punk and you can hear a little of every band that these people have played in. In fact I’m only going to describe what they sound like using Richmond bands. Daniel’s contributions to songwriting in Richmond is storied and you really can hear a meld between some animal planet and haircut song structures, but there is definitely elements of ugly and memory loss too. Zephyr has been a powerful member of Richmond Hardcore for years and I don’t think anyone would have thought he would somehow be as good of a vocalist as a bass player. When your band comes to richmond and they “open” for you just know that IVY CREEP is the real star of the show.


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