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Armor-Afraid of What's To Come LP


After way way way too long, Armor is back with another fiery five tracks of oi/d-beat influenced hardcore punk. I don't even know what that means just trust me, its right. I guess the punks and skins are truly united in sound and it comes from....Florida??? Maybe you heard about it from youtube, maybe you saw them rip up the south for years, maybe you saw the singers pierced ear and fell in love...either way you are here. Wouldn't count on new tracks anytime soon, but I would count on some crazy record release shows (demon emoji)

Cover by Cuero Negro
Labels by Augie
Insert by Amy Dorian
Back by Matt Morgantini

" More War" a european issue with both EPs collected on it will be out soon on mendeku records.

Afraid of What's to Come is also available from junko records in chile and and gone blind records in indonesia. Featuring art from Nick Kucway and Ahmad @fleshfromtheacid