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Adderall VS Big Pharma

Image of Adderall VS Big Pharma


Preorder for Adderall VS Big Pharma. 300 pressed split release with TV Jesus records on a 45 RPM 7 inch.

“Adderall vs. Big Pharma” - Adderalls’ debut EP is intense, unpredictable and has the energy that all great punk bands have. The guitars go left when I expected right, the bass went up when it should be down, the vocals come in when I least expected, and the drummer is changing tempos whenever the damn-hell-well she pleases. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. From the very first notes on this record, which I thought were going to be mid-tempo, Adderall kept me guessing. Punk music is live music. Punk is wild force which could never be contained, but all too often in a recording a bands intensity is harnessed, rather than captured. But Adderall refuses - keeping the urgency high for the entirety of this less than 8 minute record.

One might be tempted to label this record a “slime punk” record or some other goofy modern day label. But it aint that easy. Undeniably North Carolina punk, but with riffs that are straight out of the 80’s Midwest, and a more modern vocal style which crawled out of a dirty, region-less basement; Adderall are hard to pin down. So why try? Simply put, Adderall Vs. Big Pharma is a ripping hardcore punk record.

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